Projects Supported by DBEF

Private funds have been secured to support the following projects at the school:

• Construction of a Service Center in Automotive Technology

• Point of Sale Technology for Culinary Arts 

• Storage Building Addition for Physical Education 

• Site Saw for Carpentry 

• 3M Printer for Machine Tooling 

• Threading Machine for Electrical 

• Upgraded Physics Lab

• Resurfacing of the Football/Soccer Field 

• Jersey’s for the Soccer Team

In honor of our late board member, Richard Urban, who was one of the original members of the Diman Bengal Foundation and loved his time playing soccer for Diman. The Foundation supplied the team with practice soccer shirts and added the RU onto it in memory of Mr. Urban.

• Culinary Arts Dining Terrace 

• Machining Handbooks for Machine Manufacturing 

• Service Bay Workstations for Automotive Technology 

This was the result of our 10 Year Anniversary fundraiser, supplying the Automotive Technology shop with tools to create individual service bays!

• Dual Monitors for Office Technology 

• Lab Tables for Computer Programming 

• Lab Equipment for Medical Assistant 

• Chromebooks for Academics 

• Plastic Welding Machine for Auto Body 

• Prepzilla Millhog Deluxe Kit for Metal Fab 

• iPads for Math Department 

• Related Upgrade for Advanced Manufacturing Tech

• 3D Printer for Electronics

• Pipe Cutter for Metal Joining & Welding

• Heat Mobile Cabinet for Culinary Arts

• Portable Saw for Carpentry